Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Crafting for fun ~ Wax Art

One thing I love to do (besides writing) is crafts. So today I decided to share my most recent one. It was one I found while looking into DIY projects, and it seemed simple enough. Make ART out of melting crayons.
Mine did not come out this way as you will see. First problem I ran into was HOW to get the crayons to stay at the top of my posterboard. When I used glue, they fell off because they were too heavy, so I finally used duct tape. Next the crayons did not melt the way I expected from this picture. Some would melt while others did not. The colored wax also splattered onto my wall, which is not good since I rent. All in all, at least I tried something new and that's always fun. Below are the pictures of my little art adventure.
My wall
My hand, I peeled the wax off
The finished product

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