Saturday, November 24, 2012

The Next Big Thing: Find Out What I’m Working On Next

I would like to thank Author Eliie Potts for tagging me in The Next Big Thing.
Check out her blog:

Ten Interview Questions for the Next Big Thing:
What is your working title of your book? Mothership
Where did the idea come from for the book? I came up with it while looking at a diagram in the novel
'Tetragrammaton' by Donal Tyson
What genre does your book fall under? sci-fi
Which actors would you choose to play your characters in a movie rendition? Jensen Ackles as Keanue (the
captain os the ship). Steven Yeun as Ping (the sweet shipmate). Eddie McClintock (the hardass shipmate who questions the captain) Melissa Joan Hart as Tess (the femail shipmate) and Ellijah Wood as Foolish (the sappy shipmate)  
What is the one-sentence synopsis of your book? The five remaining members of a spaceship get picked up by an alien spieces, and must fight unspeakable forces to survive. 
Will your book be self-published or represented by an agency? Agency
How long did it take you to write the first draft of your manuscript? So far a few months
What other books would you compare this story to within your genre? Only sci-fi book I've read with a
spaceship in it is 'Space Rebels' by Ellie Potts. Other then taking place in the far future the storylines are very
Who or what inspired you to write this book? The diagram reminded me of a spaceship.
What else about your book might pique the reader’s interest? The Aliens are strange and powerful. The
creatures the humans must face are odd and strange, definatly a look into a new world.

The Authors I have tagged are writers I enjoy showing my support to. Go check out their next big thing :)

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Author Jennifer Don:

Author Leslie Ann Engle:

Author Alisha Costanzo author of the Broken World Series:

Author Heather Anne Richards:

Saturday, November 10, 2012

Road Rage from Secret and Sins by Toy Davis

Christy sat behind the steeling wheel of her Ford as she drove down G Street. She didn’t really have a destination, she just wanted to drive. At home, in her small house, she was haunted by dark thoughts. She didn’t want to feel the pain of her youth at the moment so she drove.

She looked out her driver side window and smiled at the gloomy sky. It was going to rain tonight. She loved the rain because it seemed to make the world clean, something she would never be.

She was in the middle lane, and driving the speed limit. She looked in her rearview mirror and noticed a blue Honda quickly moving through the lanes. It weaved right, and then left as it cut cars off. It appeared to be in hurry to go nowhere.

She looked ahead. Out of the corner of her eyes she saw the Honda was creeping up on the left side. It better not cut me off, she told herself as her eyes narrowed on the road. The car was driving very aggressively. Each move it did, irritated her. Idiot, she thought as she looked ahead.

The car ahead of her was a little more then a car length ahead of, it was an ideal amount of room for a car to move into.  To her dismay, the Honda passed her and then cut her off. She tapped her brakes to keep from rear-ending him.

Rude, screamed in her mind. She painfully gripped her steeling wheel. There is no reason for anyone to drive that way. None!

Her eyes narrowed on its taillights as she decided to follow it through town to see exactly what was so important that they had to be a complete ass on the road, and almost cause an accident.

The driver of the Honda didn’t seem to notice her silver ford following them around town. Christy assumed they were too self absorbed to be bothered with such small tib-bits that could save their life.

He turned onto R Street then took a right onto Dusty Blvd. This was a poor neighborhood. He pulled to a curb in front of tan apartments. She pulled her own car behind ii and watched the driver get out. She was not surprise to see it was a guy. He had olive skin and dark hair.

She eyed her surroundings to see if there was anything going on that deserved the urgency of his driving. Nothing was what she found. As she watched him enter an apartment she threw her car into park and shut her car off. She would wait for him because she would find out what was so important that this moron had to drive like a madman. She was mad and she didn’t drive that way.

As ten minutes became thirty, and thirty drifted into an hour she came to the conclusion that this man had no real reason to drive that way. He was just rude, not worthy of the life he had.

Brandon left Marie’s apartment with a smile. If his girlfriend knew how to suck him the way Marie did, then he wouldn’t have to cheat on her with these little visits. He noticed the black hair chick standing by the back tire of his Honda. He smiled.

She wasn’t the normal type of girl he went for with her pale complexion, depressing cloths, and red cold lips. But there was something burning in her deep, brown eyes that sparked his interest. Both of her hands were behind her back, as if she had something for him bit he couldn’t see what it was.

“Yeah?” he asked, as he played with the keys in his hand. “Can I help you?”

She said nothing.

He looked to the car behind him. He eyed its tires; none were flat. “Are you having car problems? Some kind of engine trouble?”

Again she said nothing as she blankly stared at him.

He started to get irritated. Who is this woman and why isn’t she speaking? If she needed his help then she should say so. “Do I know you?” Stare. “Are you retarded,” he finally asked as he rolled his eyes.  “I can’t help you if you don’t tell me what’s wrong.”

He turned his back on her, not having time for this. She pulled the bat out from behind her back and hit him in the head with it. Since he hadn’t seen it coming he didn’t put up a fight. He fell back on the grass and put his arms up in a pathetic attempt to get her to stop. She didn’t. She beat him until he was unconscious. She was amazingly strong for only being 5’3.

Brandon woke up strapped on a wooden table. He was unable to lift his head because of the leather strap that was across his forehead. Adrenalin coursed through his veins as fear darkened his thoughts. Though the fog and throbbing that filled his mind, he remembered the raven hair woman and her baseball bat. Her hollow eyes had stared at him as she refused to answer his questions.

“That bitch!” He tried to struggle against the restrains on his wrists but couldn’t. He had awakened in a nightmare. “You fucking bitch!” His fear had given way to angry.

Once the panic had faded from him he was able to become aware of his surroundings. The room smelt of blood, dirt, and mold. He could see the walls were clear except for the dark splatters he assumed was blood. He froze when he finally saw her.

The muted, demon was perched on a crate he hoped was empty, but really doubted that it was. In her right hand she held a knife. It was a hunter’s knife, about a foot long. Tears filled his eyes. She coldly watched him as she rotated the tip of it between her fingers. She didn’t seem to notice as it scraped against her flesh.

“You did this to me. Look, I’m sorry I called you a retard,” he tried to amend. “I mean, just because you can’t talk doesn’t mean you’re a retard.” Her head slid to the side as if she was interested in his words. Hope bubbled in his chest. “I’m the retard. I’m dumb for saying what I said.”

 “Enough,” she pointed the blade at him. She smoothly jumped from her perch and slowly approached him. “There’s only one thing I want to do with you.”

Soft sobs escaped him as his composure crumpled. He was going to die and he knew it. “Why me?”  She was beside him now. “Answer me bitch, why am I here?” He pulled against his restrains again, still hoping to break free. She held the knife over him. “What are you going to do with that?”

Her merciless eyes slid to look at him. “Where did you go today,” she asked in a soft voice.

“What?” He didn’t understand her question. He had gone a lot of places.

Her face-hardened as she sliced into his side. He yelled as he tried to pull away. He could feel his blood running down his side. “Don’t toy with me,” she warned. “When you cut me off on G Street to rush off to that apartment; who were you going to see?”

“What?” He saw her raised the knife again. “Wait, wait, wait,” he begged. He didn’t want to die. “That was Marie’s place.”

She raised a brow. “Who’s Marie?”

“Just an whore. Ah,” he cried out as she cut into his thigh. “Fuck! Stop that!”

“You cut me off,” she told him. “I had to step on my brakes.” She looked at him as she confessed in a passionate voice; “I HATE stepping on my brakes.”

“What the fuck? You kidnapped me and dragged me into this pit of hell…”

 “Chamber of Pain.” A dreamy smile touched her lips. “Its my personal palace of pleasure.”

 “You crazy fuck, let me go!”

She met his angry eyes. “You’re boring me now.” She raised the knife.

“Nooo,” he hollered as he watched the blade get buried deep with his gut. Brandon passed out from the pain before Christy ended his life in her chamber of pain.

Monday, November 5, 2012

Warped Tale: The Guardian’s Blade

Sue stood on the grassy hill that overlooked the small herd of unicorns. His hand rested on the hilt of his sword as his red cape draped off his shoulders. As a guardian of this magical creature he had to be ready, and willing, to do anything to protect them.

He eyed the beautiful creatures as he waited for his replacement. He had a very important event he had to crash on this early morning. An event filled with the human royals of this realm, and some gorgeous shoes he just had to see.

Once Kyle showed up Sue rushed home to get ready. He had to look his best. He released his long blond hair from the tie that held it back. He stared in the mirror as he ran his fingers through it. He worked hard to maintain its healthy glow.

He knew time was running out. He drew his attention back to the matter at hand. He decided to wear his black and white grown. He slipped on his glass slippers that he had decorated with diamonds. Sue had made them himself; the Leprechaun down the way     had taught him a lot about making shoes on their long nights together.

He quickly curled his hair, applied his make-up, and placed a black and white bow in his hair. In the mirror an elegant woman stood before him. He smiled. He grabbed his handbag with the scroll already inside it. Rushing off, he made his way to the Elite shoe store in the center of town.

“Hello Sue,” Eric, the storeowner, said when he entered the stop. Eric was well built with short curly hair. He had green eyes, wide nose and full lips. Sue liked his thick beard and mustache.

He gave him a slight nod as a warm smile curved his lips. Eric and him had a history together. He gently brushed his arm with the tips of his manicured nails. “Are they here?” he asked, his voice was much softer now.

Lust sparkled in Eric’s eyes. “Yes.” He nodded towards the back of the shop. “Back there.”

He raised his arched brows. “Then that’s where I shall go.”
He grabbed his hand. “My payment?”
“Our freedom to be who we are should be payment enough,” he purred in his sweetest voice.

He tightened his hold. “It should be, bit it’s not.” He put out his other hand to receive what was owned to him.

Sue’s red lips tightly pressed together as he pulled out the small bag that held the shavings he torn from a unicorn’s horn. That dust was what pixies used to make dreams come true, and Sue had just given it to a lowly shoe shop owner.

“Here goes,” he whispered as he took a deep breath

The back of the shop had a runway set up so the models could show off this season’s new shoes. The room was decorated in white and crystal. Snow White, Cinderella, and Sleeping Beauty were seated next to the runway. There was one empty seat by them and he knew Eric had saved it for him. His stomach knotted. They were beautiful and fierce, everything he wanted to be.

“You can do this,” he quietly told himself as he clutched his handbag. He would not fail, now that he was so close. He felt the eyes of handsome men on him as he made his way to his seat.

The elite of this realm surrounded him. The King and Queen of the Elves sat on the other side of the runway. He crossed his legs, and allowed his own shoes to be on display. Sleepy Beauty noticed them first.

“Those are lovely,” she said. “Where did you get them dear?”
“I made them myself.”
A collection gasp filled the air. “Do you have others?” Cinderella asked.
“Oh, you must show us.”
He smiled as he sat back in his seat. “Perhaps I will.”

The chatting stopped when the show begun. Sue was in awe of the shoes that were revealed today. None would fit his feet of course, but he was inspired to go home and add to his collection.

After the show the Princesses invited him to their table to have a lovely chat. They were amazed when they found out he had made his dress as well. “You are very talented. Your husband must show you off all the time,” Snow White complimented.

“Not really,” he said, carefully.
“You are single? I must admit, I find this very surprising.”

“As do I,” Cinderella added. “You are beautiful, smart, elegant, and talented. How can a man not want a woman like you?” She gently shook her head with disbelief.

He shifted his weight from one foot to the other. He easily faced men in battle, yet he found it hard to be honest in this moment. “I am not allowed to have a man.”

“Evil stepmother?”
“Wicked witch?” Sleepy Beauty asked.
“Did you eat a poison fruit?” Snow White wondered.

“No.” He strained a smile. He felt it quickly slid from his face. “It is much more complex than that. But,” his brows shot up. “You ladies can help me with this problem.” He took a breath before he slowly continued. “In fact, you ladies are the reason I am here.”

“You are not here for the shoes?” Sleepy Beauty could not believe it.

“No. I cannot wear those shoes. You see,” he lifted the helm of his skirt to show them his shoes. “My feet are too big for them.”

“Your feet are pretty big.”
“Very big for a woman’s foot in fact,” Snow White said with a perplexed look on her face.  
“Here.” He pulled out the scroll and handed it to her. “If you ladies were to sign this then people like me will be able to get a good man.”

“People like you?” She didn’t understand. The princesses huddled together s they read the scroll. If signed by a royal it would allow the gay people of this land to be together without fear of prosecution.

“This is for gay people,” Sleepy Beauty told him.
“I am aware of that. You see, I am not what I appear to be. Beautiful, yes; Fierce, of course; Stunning, always. But a woman I am not.” He bowed his head.

He heard the King’s guard pull is sword. Sue looked at him. He was a handsome fella. He had dark hair that hung off his head, a strong chin, and piercing eyes. “You do not wish to do that,” Sue warned him.

“I think I can handle a man in a dress.”
“Do not be deceived boy; in or out of a dress I am always a Guardian.”

Another collection gasp filled the air. “You,” Price Charming taunted. “A Guardian of the unicorn? Ha!” He eyed the room as he continued; “No Guardian would wear a dress.”

Fear and rage started to fill Sue, and that was a very deadly toxic to mix. “This one does,” he whispered. He had come here in hopes of getting equal rights for him and his brothers, and instead this Prince Charming was determined to make him his fool.

“I’ll make you a deal.” His lips curled in a cruel grin. “A royal deal.” Another gasp could be heard. Sue was starting to think that was all the onlookers could do. “If you best my man here.” He pointed to the handsome King’s Guard. “I will sign your scroll and pass your law. If you lose, you will allow my women to use you as their personal doll. They will do what they will with you in front of everyone here.”

Pride lifted his head. Out of the corner of his eyes he looked at the princesses. Hungry shined in their eyes. He knew if he lost they would enjoy humiliating him, but if he won. Hope filled him. “Agreed.”

Another King’s Guard handed him his sword. Excitement filled the onlookers as the two men face each other. Sue had sat his bag on the table. He didn’t want anything to happen to it.

His opponent was fast and strong, but he was a Guardian. Chosen at birth to protect the creatures that would judge humanity when the time came. One hair from their mane could make you invisible if used in the correct spell. Sue had faced ogres, dwarfs, and demons of the night. He had won every battle he had been in and this one was no different.

He placed his glass slipper on his chest as he held his sword at his throat. Not one hair on his head was out of place or one nail broken. He appeared as a deadly woman as he stood above the fallen man.

“Do you yield?” He asked, sweetly. The word had to be spoken before he lowered the sword. He could see in the King’s guard man’s eyes he did not want to give up this fight. He pushed down on the sword, making the blade’s tip dig into his flesh.

“Yield,” he choked.

Sue gave him a brilliant grin as he stepped aside. “Was that so hard?” The King’s Guard sat up but said nothing. He turned his attention to the one and only, Price Charming.

“Bravo.” He applauded. “You have surprised me my lady, and that is not an easy task.” 

He pulled his shoulders back as he met his eyes. Prince Charming’s looks were dangerous. It was easy to get lost in them, and forget why you were in his presences. “The scroll my Lord?”

“Oh yes.” He leaned back on his heels, appearing amused. “Sleepy Beauty,” he held out his hand. “Bring me the scroll.” She did. Sue held his breath as Prince Charming signed it. The power in the dragon’s ink rippled across the realm, and made those words law. Now Sue would no longer have to hide who he was, and whom he loved.

He smiled as he bowed his head. “Thank you my Lord. You have made a righteous decision.”

“Your sword made the decision,” he corrected. “I only signed the paper.”

“True,” he whispered. The ways of the royals disappointed him, but he was in no position to change it. He was a human with no blue blood in his veins. According to the laws of this realm he had no voice, but thanks to the Prince’s aloof way his blade did. As a Guardian that voice would be strong if he chose to use it again. Mid-day was coming and he had a job to get back to. Her had unicorns to protect. He bid farewells, and headed home to change.  

Sunday, November 4, 2012

Cooking to relax ~ Baked BBQ Chicken

Today I'm going to share another recipe that's a favorite in my house; Baked BBQ Chicken with fresh green beans.

Cover the chicken with BBQ sauce, garlic powder, and pepper. Bake in the ovan for 20 minutes. Pull the chicken out, flip it over and cook another 20 minutes.

Place cut fresh green beans in a pan. Cover in 1/2 cup of water, butter, salt and pepper. Cook (simmer) until tender.

I normally warm up garlic bread and serve dinner :) Enjoy