Thursday, May 16, 2013

Open letter to SAVEMART

Last night my boyfriend Cj and I came into the store in merced toget chicken liver because we were going night fishing. Your employee David, a bagger, once AGAIN gave Cj dirty looks and when we walked to our car and he was gathering shopping carts, he made the comment like he ALWAYS does to Cj 'You're lucky I'm at work." Since this is a threat and not something I expect from a company like SAVEMART i askeed him what his problem was. He processed to talk trash to CJ and thjreaten to beat him up when he wasn't at work. We went into to complain to the manager on duty Melissa Sesmon and she went outside we us. Then instead of hearing us out because this is an ongoing issue w/ this employee at your store she dismissed us and said take it up w/ the main manager Peter on Friday. This is NOT okay. I expect manager and a company to respect their customers and address their concerns not push it off on someone else. We called the cops to file a harassment complain against the employee in case he followed up on the threats and your manager tried to say I WAS DRUNK to dismiss the whole thing to the cops. 1) I DO NOT DRINK. I have been clean fopr three years and i am very pride of this fact. If I were drunk the officers who we filed the complain with would NOT have allow me to drive off. I was allowed to leave because I was clean. The fact that SHE SAID this is upsetting. She should have spoke with us about your employee instead of brushing it off and dismissing it. I am disgusted at how this was handle and will post this letter as an open letter on my blog so the world will know how you treat your loyal customers, and how you allow your employee to harass customers in your store and protect their poor behavior because they wear the name tag. My job respects our customers and would never allow something like that to happen