Monday, January 14, 2013

My Writing Process

I am not the best at blogging because all I have to talk about is my writing, ha. With 14 novels completed and another one in the works I stay rather busy with it. Since I did not want to swamp you with sneak peeks, and my last crafting project was an epic fail I decided to share my writing process with you. It will also give you a look into my upcoming work.

First I decide what am I going to write; horror, chick lit, romance or adventure. It ususally depends on my moods; example if someone makes me mad I'm writing horror so I can kill them.

Then I write out only the key points of the story like in Full Moon it was very important to me for the werewolf to pee and mark his territory. It was also important for my main character to be clumspy so I made bullet points of examples that I wanted to add throughout the novel.

Once I actually start writing the novel I refer to my key points before I outline my chapter. I only outline one chapter at a time because I want to allow the story to flow naturally, and I add the key points throughout it, until I come to the ending I planned from the beginning. It seems like a lot but its very simple and keeps me on track.

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