Monday, December 10, 2012

Holiday Interview by Kharisma Rhayne

1)-- With imagination as your only limitation, what would be your perfect holiday vacation and why? I would go to New York to see the giant christmas light up. Also going ice skating and then stay warm and cozy in a nice hotel with my loved one. When my older brother died over fifteen years ago my family stopped celabrating christmas, so it would be nice to experince one again.
2)-- What is your favorite holiday movie? Christmas with the Kranks.
3)-- What is your favorite holiday book? This is horrible, I cannot think of one that I have read. I am more of a sci-fi and horror girl.
4)– Have you written or would you ever like to write a holiday themed book? I have a short short in my soon to be released novel ‘Secrets and Sins’ that is about Christmas. It’s called ‘Just Another Day (A different Kind of Christmas Story)’. I’m not sure if I could do a whole book on the subject.
5)-- What holiday character do you wish really existed? Sanata Cluse but the robot one from Futurama.
6)-- Do you believe in Santa? No, but the idea is a nice one.
7)-- Share with us your most wicked holiday fantasy. Taking my boyfriend to a cabin with a fireplace and having my way with him. 
8)—Share with us a favorite holiday memory. When I was younger my best friend and I would meet up every year to exchange gifts, no matter what else was going on that day. We did that for over twenty years until she moved away with her husband. It was the only tradition I had, and the memory of it puts a smile on my face.
9)—Do you have a holiday tradition? If so, what is it? J already answered.
10)-- Tell us about your latest release. A group of college friends decide to spend winter break at Flow's cabin. They invite Hailey to join them for the first time, and she agrees to go because of her crush on Flow. Unbeknown to most of them, this cabin is known as the last resort due to the families that were killed there. The situation changes as people start to disappear. Hailey is the only person to notice, and can't seem to get the others to listen. She's determined to make them see the danger before its too late.

Now some quickies (doesn't everyone enjoy a quickie now and then?):
Santa or Grinch? Grinch
Frosty or Rudolph? Frosty
Fireplace or blankets? Fireplace
Turkey or ham? Ham
Eggnog or hot chocolate? Hot Chocolate
Fruitcake or cranberry sauce? Cranberry Sauce
Apple cider or hot buttered rum? Hot buttered rum
Candy canes of gingerbread? Candy canes
Baked potato or mashed potatoes?: mashed potatoes
Fudge or apple pie? Apple pie

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