Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Police KILLED my brother

In July of 2012 my little brother was gunnde down by the Turlovck, Ca police. I have not talked about it because I was not sure what had happened. There were a number of rumours and hearsay. After NINE months I was finally able to get the police report released to me. I knew I was going to cry when I read it, I was not aware I was going to be disgusted and angry as well.

On that July day my brother was chased by the police because of a shoplifting incident the day before. They were on the lookout for the car he was in.

He hoped out of the car when it was disabled on the Bradbury exit ramp and tried to get into another car. The cops surrounded him. In the report a number of offciers stated they did not see the gun, which they would have seen had he pointed it them.

The officers fired at my brother, Joe Davis, and took his life. One was using a shot gun which to me implys they intended to kill him, I mean why else use a shotgun. The bastards. A number of shells were found at that scene that belonged to the officers. In the report it reflects a number of cops there were trainees, and though they didn't SEE the gun they fitred because the other officers yelled 'Gun" or Crossfire"... BAstatrds he had two kids and a family that loved him. My brother was everything to me. Once my older brther Jimmy died when i was 15 Joe stepped up to be there for me and protect me as ony a brother can. Those cops are killers and got away with murder :(

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